Emerald Life launches travel cover with no HIV disclosure requirement

People on effective medication can live long and healthy lives

Insurance provider Emerald Life has launched a travel insurance policy with no requirement to answer questions on HIV status if they are on stable anti-viral medicine and their viral load is undetectable.

Steve Wardlaw, xhairman of Emerald Life, said the insurance industry needs to become more familiar with the recent advances in HIV treatment and the fact that there should be no extra premium charged. 

“People living with HIV can suffer high levels of alienation that can stop them from taking basic precautions like travel insurance when they go abroad. Everyone should be able to insure themselves with a respectful customer journey, without fear of stigma or discrimination,” he stated.

The launch is supported by the Terrence Higgins Trust, which aims to improve the UK’s sexual health.

Ian Green, chief executive of the Terrence Higgins Trust, pointed out that people who are living with HIV and are on effective medication can expect to live lives that are as long and healthy as anyone else.

He said there is no need for someone with an undetectable viral load to disclose their status when taking out travel insurance.

“We applaud this move from Emerald Life, which removes the stigma that surrounds HIV, and will no doubt encourage more people who are undetectable and living with HIV to take out travel insurance without feeling judged or discriminated against,” he added.