Lack of NHS funding ‘putting patients at risk’

Doctors believe waiting times and overall services have worsened

More than three quarters of doctors believe patient safety is being put at risk by underfunding in the NHS, a poll shows.

The survey of almost 8,000 doctors by the British Medical Association (BMA), reported by The Times, also found 74% thought financial targets were put above patient care.

A further 76% said waiting times and services overall had worsened in the past year.

Chaand Nagpaul, chairman of the BMA council, said the NHS has been systematically and scandalously starved of resources for years.

“It’s not just the Channel that separates us from our European neighbours, but a vast funding gap equating to 35,000 hospital beds or 10,000 doctors,” he stated.

Nagpaul argued that the NHS is now facing an all-year crisis as oppose to just a winter crisis, with bed occupancy in some trusts running up to 100%.

The poll found 95% of doctors were afraid of making an error and 55% of being blamed for errors due to pressure.