One in four Brits never exercise

Some people use exercise to deal with ongoing illnesses

Almost one in four British adults never exercise, a study has found.

The poll of 2,000 adults found of the 77% who do exercise, 16% only exert themselves once a week.

Walking is the exercise Brits are most likely to engage in, followed by jogging and cycling.

One in four claimed keeping fit and staying in shape was one of their main interests in life, according to the poll commissioned by the British Lung Foundation.

Mike McKevitt, head of patient services at the charity, called for better access to tailored lung exercise classes around the country.

“Access to lung exercise classes across the UK is patchy. Often people are left waiting months to start a course, which is unacceptable,” he said.

The survey, reported in the Mirror, also found 27% said the main benefit of exercising was to safeguard themselves from future illness.

One in five said they exercise mainly to keep themselves looking their best, and 12% like the feeling of strength it gives them.

Brits are also using exercise to improve the symptoms of ongoing health concerns, with one in 10 saying their exercise helps them to deal with an existing illness or condition.

Of the 23% who do not exercise regularly, one in four felt they would be encouraged to exercise more if they had more exercise facilities local to them.