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  • Best Life Insurance Companies for 2017

    The phrase “life insurance” can make even the most mature, financially responsible adults squirm. I know I didn’t feel jazzed searching for the best life insurance company. It doesn’t just remind me of my own mortality; it also has a reputation for being complicated — not the most charming combo, or the most compelling way […]

  • Best Motorcycle Insurance for 2017

    You probably love lots of things about your bike: the excitement, the speed and maneuverability, the way it connects you to the road and to other bikers. But part of enjoying it is feeling safe while you’re on it—not just physically, but also financially. When you consider that even the most careful riders can still […]

  • Best Cheap Car Insurance for Teens for 2017

    Car insurance for teens, by definition, isn’t cheap. Little driving experience and a statistically higher chance of accidents makes teens a big risk to insurers, so they invariably get charged more for coverage. Because of this, the best cheap car insurance providers for teens are the ones that not only offer quality coverage and claims […]

  • Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance for 2017

    Your motorcycle insurance should be able to cover you completely in the event of an accident – even if it’s cheap. That’s why it’s always best to select the level of coverage you want on your policy first, then shop around for the best price on it. I researched every nationally available motorcycle insurance company […]

  • Affordable Health Insurance Options in 2017

    Whether you’re self-employed, unemployed, or covered under an employer’s health-care plan, finding affordable health insurance can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. Throw in controversy around the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and finding accurate, reliable information can be a nightmare. Sure, cheap health insurance exists, but qualifying can be tricky, and you’ll want to be sure […]

  • Best Extended Car Warranties of 2017

    Editor’s note: Delta Auto Protect was originally a recommended provider of extended car warranties, but deeper investigation — coupled with lots of unreturned phone calls and emails — proved that it lacks necessary licensing to legally operate. This article has been updated and The Simple Dollar does not recommend purchasing an extended warranty with Delta Auto Protect. […]

  • Best Non-Owner Car Insurance for 2017

    Only five companies offer non-owner car insurance policies nationwide – GEICO, State Farm, Nationwide,The General, and Titan. The good news is that this makes shopping around for the best price fairly simple. You just need to call each provider to request a quote, since non-owner policy quotes aren’t available online through any of these insurers. […]

  • Auto Owners Insurance Review

    Auto-Owners Insurance is a mutual insurance company operating in 26 different states through independent representatives. They offer basically every type of insurance under the sun, from auto to homeowners to business to life insurance. If you have insurance needs, Auto-Owners Insurance can help you to meet them. But what makes them different? And why haven’t […]

  • Best Flood Insurance Companies

    Flood insurance isn’t required for all homeowners, just those with federally backed mortgages in high-risk flood areas where there’s at least a 25 percent chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. (You know if this is you.) What does affect your rate? FEMA flood maps, officially known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps, identify flood areas […]

  • Here’s How Much Your Insurance Goes Up After an Accident

    Planning to file a claim with your auto insurance? If so, you should brace yourself for higher premiums. This warning comes courtesy of a joint study between InsuranceQuotes and Quadrant Information Services. According to the data, drivers who made claims in 2016 saw their policy premiums increase by an average of 44.1%. The study looked at the […]