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  • Home Financing Guide

    While the traditional wisdom has always been that buying a home is your best investment, becoming a homeowner is no longer the slam dunk it used to be. For decades in the late 20th century, housing prices rose much faster than inflation. With no end to this in sight, families bought as much home as […]

  • The Challenge of Moving to a Smaller Home

    The house I grew up in had a pretty limited square footage, something I notice every time I visit my parents. It’s essentially a two bedroom house with what amounts to a storage closet converted into a third bedroom when absolutely needed. The living room is very small and the kitchen is pretty tiny as […]

  • Is Building a New Home a Better Deal Than Buying an Existing One?

    Just the other day, a friend of mine argued that building a new home is more cost efficient than buying an existing property. Her new home is almost finished, and will be move-in ready in about three weeks — so she’s understandably excited. Plus, she said, she’ll be saving all kinds of money because she built. While […]

  • How to Refinance Your Mortgage

    When you refinance your mortgage, you’re simply replacing your current mortgage with a new one. Sounds simple enough — but the refinancing process can be every bit as challenging as when you first bought your home. The main reasons homeowners refinance are usually to get a better interest rate — which can lower your monthly payments and save you thousands […]

  • 12 Things I Should Have Considered More Carefully Before Buying My First Home

    Several years ago, my wife and I were in a bit of a personal bind. We lived together in what was about the tiniest two-bedroom apartment you can imagine, with a small baby and another one on the way. We were already forced into being pretty creative with arrangements with even one baby in the […]

  • Five Home Flaws Worth Overlooking for a Better Deal

    By almost any standard, it’s a competitive housing market out there. National real estate brokerage Redfin said June marked the fastest and most competitive housing market since the recession. In hot areas such as Denver and Seattle, homes averaged only about week on the market before going under agreement, while roughly two-thirds of homes in the San Francisco Bay […]

  • First-Time Home Buyer? Check Out These Helpful Programs

    If you’re a first-time home buyer, you undoubtedly have that mix of excitement and fear we all experience. The thrill of owning a house coupled with the anxiety of making sure you can afford it can lead you to the medicine cabinet for a couple of antacid tablets. Before you pop open the Tums, take […]

  • Amica Home Insurance Review

    Amica’s unmatched customer service and flexible policies make it one of the top choices for homeowners in the country. Amica builds its business around customer service, which has earned it numerous awards over the years from J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and others. Its claims handling is regarded as being among the best in the industry. […]

  • Six Bills You Can Negotiate Down to Save Money

    When it comes to your cable, Internet, insurance, or credit card bills, it never hurts to pick up the phone and ask for a lower rate. The worst they can do is say no. Photo: Marjan Lazarevski If you have a love-hate relationship with your monthly bills, you’re not alone. While most of us enjoy a modern lifestyle […]

  • Rent-to-Own Homes, Explained

    Photo: Amanda Wray “If you’re renting, you’re just throwing your money away.” No doubt you’ve heard this oversimplification many places. Of course, a decision about whether to rent or buy a home is rarely that black and white: Either can make sense depending on your situation. What if there was a way to combine the […]