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I Left the Coast for a Simpler Life in the Midwest – and You Can, Too

Longing for a simpler, less-expensive life? Don’t fear the seasons or the slower pace of small, Midwestern cities like Madison, Wis. Photo: Richard Hurd After graduating from college in 2009, I played professional basketball in Israel for three years. When I finished, I moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles, and I figured I’d be […]

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10 Ways Millennials Are Able to Save Money

As a ‘millennial,’ I constantly find myself on the receiving end of financial advice that’s either way over my head (tax-loss harvesting?) or seemingly impossible (how can I save half of my income when half my income is rent?). Many personal finance articles don’t exactly take into account the unique position my generation is currently in. […]

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How to Find the Best Mortgage Rates in 2016

The best mortgage rates are still at historic lows heading into 2016. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, average 30 year fixed mortgage rates are still under 4%. With these rates, home ownership has never been more attainable. Low mortgage rates are only one aspect of choosing a lender, but finding the best rates […]

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How to Find the Best Refinance Rates

It is still a good time to look for the best refinance rates that will save you money on your mortgage. Most experts agree that interest rates have nowhere to go but up, especially as the Federal Reserve considers its first rate hike in years. But where do you find the best rates, and insure […]

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Five Things You Should Know About Working With a Mortgage Broker

Maybe mortgage broker is a term you’ve heard in your travels, but you’re unsure how it fits in with your plan to buy the home of your dreams. Well, for those just learning about mortgage brokers, good news: You’re probably about to find out that you can get more for your home-buying buck at a lower interest rate. […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Conforming Loan and a Nonconforming Home Loan?

Before you buy a home, it’s important to choose a mortgage that gives you the best possible terms, based on your credit history, income, and the size of your down payment. Finding the right loan can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a mortgage. And generally, buyers are better off if they […]

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Embrace Home Loans Review

Embrace strives to provide excellent customer service, but you need to speak with an agent to find out what rates are available to you. Embrace offers conventional, FHA, VA, and Harp 2 mortgages in 44 states. There is no application fee, and you could be pre-qualified in as little as one day. Should you choose Embrace […]