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29 Real Estate Market Tips For Property Investment In Melbourne

But after peaking in November 2017 that the marketplace is presently taking a breather. However, the Melbourne housing market isn’t crashing as some land pessimists forecast — it’s undergoing a soft landing. There are not any forced earnings by distressed sellers, rather we are seeing with an orchestrated slowdown made by our authorities who have […]

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Take Advantage of These 6 Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

There are a lot of responsibilities with home owership. So it seems fair that there are also many benefits – especially when it comes time to pay your taxes. If you already own a home, you’re probably familiar with these. But, for the rest of us looking to buy now or in the future, here […]

Buying a Home This Year? Start Now to Get Your Credit in Shape

Buying a Home This Year? Start Now to Get Your Credit in Shape

If you want to buy a new home this year, you should start thinking about how to prepare your credit for an upcoming mortgage application. The condition of your credit reports and scores is never more important than when you’re preparing to apply for a new home loan. A mediocre credit score can cost you […]

Six Predictions for the Housing Market in 2017

Six Predictions for the Housing Market in 2017

Many people concern about the 2017 real estate market forecast without factoring in the Trump Effect. President-elect Donald Trump and his rhetoric, which may evolve into actual policy soon, will impact many aspects of the market in the year (or years) to come. The Trump administration is likely to usher in several major policies that […]

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Dorm Decor on a Budget: Top 4 Tips to Make Campus Housing Your Own

It can be easy to overlook college students settling in to dorms for the year as school is back in session. With all of the college rules and fine print, it can be hard to make campus housing into something more personable and comfortable. These creative ideas will help you make your space more personable […]

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Simple Fall Steps to Save on Home Heating Costs

Fall has arrived.The air is getting crisper every morning, the leaves are starting to change color and drop, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs) are back at Starbucks.  I know some people are boycotting anything pumpkin spice related until the official beginning of fall (September 22), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an early […]

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Enjoy The House’s Money: Practice Taking Profits To Pay For A Better Life

“I’m always told when to buy, but I’m never told when to sell.” – Anonymous mutual fund manager. What’s the point of investing money? To pay for a better life. I think many of us forget that investing is just a means to an end. We set up our automatic bi-weekly investment contributions, come up with […]