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Money Traps, Part 5: Be Wary of Bundles

Let’s face it: we love bundle deals, whether a combo meal at a restaurant or movie theater or a Black Friday media console with accessories thrown in. Marketers know it, too, which is why bundle deals are very common in every aspect of consumerism (there are bundles for services like Internet, cable and cell service, […]

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How to Reduce the Cable TV Triple Play Bill

I always thought that a $150 cable bill is more like the maximum people pay these days but I overheard a conversation recently how someone is paying $260 currently and that he knows a few people paying $350 on their cable bills. What the?!? Add in a $150 cellphone plan and they could be paying […]

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Improve Your Frugality by Asking Yourself These 2 Questions

Maybe you like me, like to look for new ways to curb my spending, save money, earn freebies, and ultimately, live a more frugal lifestyle. Over the last few years, this has especially meant becoming more careful about my purchases. Looking back, I’m painfully aware of the money I’ve wasted: Impulse purchases that weren’t accounted […]

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Do You Think Saving Money Is Always Worth It?

I was in the shower when I was thinking about The Simple Dollar’s 5 simple water conservation methods and whether they save us money or not. I was contemplating whether or not I could compromise and implement his suggestion of using a low-flow shower head. The savings was obvious – Less water equals less money […]

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I Saved Another $100 Per Month

I’m very proud of myself today because I just made decisions that will save me $100 per month. I called the cable and cell phone company and told them to: discontinue my cable TV bill reduce our family plan cell phone minutes Before you leave this page thinking that this doesn’t apply to you because […]

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Living on $34.01 a Week

As my wife isn’t here, I figured it was a great time to try something I always wanted to do since starting my blog – live with very little money for a set period of time and see what I learn.  I think I did well, because I ended up using only $34.01 in a […]

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What to Do If Your Cable TV Bill is Too High

Cable companies are a supreme example of a natural monopoly. They’re the easiest example for economics professors to use, because, due to structural conditions, only a few competitors can exist in any cable market. Often, there is only one option that consumers can choose. The consumer has no leverage and is thus at the mercy […]

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Why Only Thinking About Affordability Makes You Poor

In one of our dreaming moments during the weekend, Emma and I jokingly spoke about joining a private golf country club.  It was brand new, relatively close from where we live and also extremely nice. The financial commitment to enroll were: $30,000 to join (although that can be negotiated down to possibly $20,000 we heard) […]

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Value Added Tax Refund (VAT) for Vacation Shopping

Many travel to different countries around the year but few take advantage of the sales tax refund policies that some countries provide.  The most common reasons for not applying are: never knew tax refund are possible for visitors didn’t know how to get your tax refunds back laziness If you fall under any of the […]